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My Story

After spending 10 years in operations, my wife and I decided that I should do what I was passionate about, use that degree I paid so much to obtain, and make a career change. I spent the next 12 years doing analytics consulting in industries ranging from health insurance and marketing to genetics and manufacturing. What stood out to me most regardless of the industry was the tumultuous relationship between the development teams and the rest of the organization. Developer perceptions were often something like "security is a hurdle",  "project managers create busywork" and "the user doesn't know what they want".

So after a few years of watching even the best run projects enjoy mixed results due to user adoption, I made it my goal to productively collaborate with EVERYBODY when architecting a solution. I began shifting the narrative to "security is critical at mitigating risk, so let's engage them from the beginning", "project managers help avoid scope creep, advocate for our team and keep things on track" and above all, "the user drives all of our development efforts and their satisfaction is the ultimate gauge of our success."

I didn't do this by decree, I did it by example and by showing how such changes in perception lead to better multi-disciplinary collaborations, more cohesive project teams, accountability through trust and ultimately more success. My goal is to combine that philosophy with my in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft BI stack, Azure and data visualization to make your data an asset that is advocated for by the people that use it everyday.

Our Team

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