To Barbados & Back,
The Adventure Continues

My family and I tried to outrun a pandemic by moving to Barbados in October 2020. I started this blog from the beach for our family back home and to help other adventurers moving to Barbados. I enjoyed documenting my life and our travels here, so I've decided to turn it into a full-time hobby and take it from there. 

Our time in Barbados made us want to scale back and simplify our lives. Our fixer-upper is done being fixed, our yard will get far less attention, and our house won't be cleaned as often; but we'll be enjoying each other's company a whole lot more. Join me as I try to stress less and enjoy more, grabbing the low-hanging fruit, or dare I say the Eazyfruit

Life in Wisconsin isn't as exotic as life in Barbados, but there's so much to Explore that I've yet to discover. I'll continue to write about the cool places I visit (like I did in Barbados), except it will be around Wisconsin's destinations and future exploration sites.

I'm keeping Storytime too, because collecting, posting and sharing pictures and stories here has been really enjoyable. No one remembers all the funny things that happened way back when and I'm pretty sure most old people would say they wish they had more to reminisce on, not less. 

I've also added a place to share Relevant Information. I'm into current events, pop culture, politics, and audiobooks. I like the process of constantly evolving into a better version of myself. This space will be used to collect articles, essays, and anything else that can help me reflect on topics that matter.