To Barbados & Back,The Adventure Continues

What do you get when you pack four kids, your spouse, and your dog and move to Barbados for seven months?

This blog. 

We left America in October 2020 in an attempt to outrun a pandemic (it didn't work) but we had an amazing experience nonetheless.

Our time in Barbados made us want to scale back and simplify our lives. Our fixer-upper is done being fixed, half our backyard is an overgrown forest of weeds, and our house won't be clean as often. Instead, we'll be taking hikes, playing games, enjoying family road trips, and being with our favorite people.

I can offer assistance in the following areas:

       Explore - Want to read about the places I visit? I wrote a ton about Barbados and I'm working my way through the States

       Storytime - Funny/interesting stories; Barbados made me... outgoing, so it's been interesting

       Words of Wisdom - Because learning is good

       Hilarious Stuff - Because laughing is fun

       Barbados - If you're looking to visit/move there, still solid info 


I can offer zero fashion tips or design ideas (our house is a perfect advertisement for Facebook Marketplace); I also can't help with tech advice, cooking tips, business advice, or photography suggestions. 


My current life's mission is to enjoy it more;

Stay tuned as I attempt to make life as enjoyable and eazy as possible, &

Share ideas that inspire and educate me.

One might say, a collection of good intentions :)