Sharing my family's experience living in Barbados during a pandemic.

Fellow travelers,

here you'll find information on moving to or visiting Barbados,

helpful tips on living in Barbados, and recommendations on what to enjoy while you're here. 


The adventure continues!

My Family's Escape from Paradise

What do you do when a pandemic turns your life upside down?


You pack your four kids and your dog and rent a townhome by the beach in a small town in Barbados, of course. And then you start a blog about it. 

Why are you here?

  1. You love me and want to stay informed as to my family's antics and what will inevitably be ridiculous and entertaining stories from Barbados. 

  2. You are coming to Barbados on the Welcome Stamp, like us, and would like to know what the f to expect (unlike us, You're Welcome).

  3. You accidentally clicked here. I'm delightful, if that helps. 



For those seeking advice on life in Barbados,

I've divvied my content

into the following three sections:



















Enjoy the Journey-

To my family and friends,

Love you, miss you, stay safe

Liz aka Jonesie 

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Let's make the best of this pandemic and experience something new, shall we?


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