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The most important aspect of any implementation that seeks to transform an organization's data strategy is collaboration with the system's future users

Making your data a trusted resource for your entire organization


Eazy Fruit helps organizations that are trying to leverage their data by first taking advantage of the low hanging fruit, the "Eazy Fruit". We specialize in the health insurance, healthcare and marketing industries but have completed projects in many others. In all cases we have found that user engagement is the most pivotal aspect of any initiative and that philosophy drives our efforts during all phases of the  project lifecycle.

Health Insurance







Many organizations struggle with questions surrounding how to enhance their data capabilities. Eazy Fruit can analyze your data infrastructure, discuss your strategic goals, interface with your users and provide answers that align with your organization's goals.


Once you have an idea of what is needed to complete your data transformation, Eazy Fruit can lend it's expertise in designing an implementation strategy that is realistic is terms of timeline and user adoption.

System Architecture

Even the best strategy will struggle in the face of bad system architecture. Eazy Fruit leverages years of expertise in the Microsoft BI Stack to lead the design of a system that is stable, user-friendly and complies with all relevant regulatory frameworks.

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