"Why Barbados?" ​

This question was asked literally every time we mentioned our plans. The answer was easy.. they offered it! Barbados economy suffered (like everywhere else) when the pandemic hit. With travel at a standstill, they sought ways to bring their country back to life. Enter the Welcome Stamp, which allows those who work remote to reside in Barbados and work remote for up to 12 months. The nation did a remarkable job at keeping COVID at bay and handle each new case responsibly, with aggressive contact tracing and mandatory quarantine when necessary. 

                                                                                                             Here is why we said Yes to Barbados:

  • They asked us to come!

  • Low, low COVID numbers

  • We predict things will shut down during WI fall/winter/flu season, and that would be far less bearable than it was during spring in WI

  • Certain family members loathe Wisconsin winters, throwin' him a bone

  • Family adventure and bonding

  • We wouldn’t be missing much here, with our favorite holidays and events likely not happening

  • Kindergarten in a new culture is far superior to virtual kindergarten

  • 9 months on the beach isn’t something to sneeze at

  • Chance to go out to eat again, dance with my spouse, and enjoy other people

  • Bonus: Avoiding America’s election (although we did vote, of course!)

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