'Your life is so funny!'

I've heard this a million times because it is. I married a guy with three kids, bought a house, had more kids, got a dog(s), got some chickens, moved to Barbados and came back.


When we announced we were moving to Barbados, some of my friends suggested I start a blog. It would keep everyone updated on our adventures and it would help other ex-pats moving to Barbados on the Welcome Stamp like us (we were there very early into the program's adoption, within the first two months.)

I started a book a few years back, but got sidetracked by life and then this blog. Instead of wrapping up the last self-initiated and incomplete project, I've been writing here.

Since getting home from Barbados, all I want to do is enjoy my life. After spending way more than anticipated in Barbados, coming home and just being with my friends and family in the backyard is joyous. There are also so many free activities to do here compared to Barbados, so we'll never be bored! I'm just going to keep enjoying what I do and write about it here. 


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