• Liz Lopez

What I miss about America

· Reasonably priced food

· Having our own transportation

· The speed of life (ie, school supplies took over a week to receive)

· Technology working consistently; it’s not just our sim cards, the locals don’t always get consistent service either

· GPS! No one here uses GPS! Deliveries to our house, they called for directions (food delivery, mask delivery, mail delivery)

· 24 hour stores.. or stores that are open on Sundays, or after 6 pm, or 7 pm, or 9 pm (that’s as late as it gets here)

· Crawling into my bed and not having sand in it

· Wiping my feet off every time I crawl into bed to keep the sand at a minimum

· Eating popcorn that didn’t become stale in five minutes due to the humidity

· Streaming

-Nothing works here without some special VPN

-Thank You Netflix for not being like Hulu, Amazon Prime, CBS, or HBO and letting me watch my shows

-Thank You YouTube, my kids are now obsessed with your endless stream because you don’t care where we’re located

· DIET SODA SOLD IN BULK (bulk = more than 20 oz. bottle)

· My home office / Lopez misses his mancave basement

· Caring about the Packers; we watched a few games but mostly forget about them unless my mom texts me a remind (thank you mom!); but no one here cares about American football

· The fact that all the bugs at home are dead. They’re never dead here, except after we bug bomb the house.

-Not many bees

-So many flies

-So many mosquitos

-That deadly dinosaur centipede that tried to destroy my family

(Fortunately, there are tons of products to combat these)

· Being able to understand most everyone’s accent (not always the case here)

· Amazon and it’s immediate gratification

· The customer always being right

· Mail delivery times; everything will take weeks, no matter what

· Well maintained roads

· Going to a restaurant and knowing that what’s on the menu, is in stock

· Yummy, cold, filtered water right from my fridge

· Last but most of all, our family and friends

Tomorrow, the antithesis, What I love about Barbados