• Liz Lopez

What I love about Barbados

Quick story: Last week, I was walking my usual pace (read: fast) to the beach and a man rolled down his window and in his awesome Bajan accent, said “Slow down, slow down, you’re in Barbeeedos.” I smiled and explained I was trying to make it to the beach before sundown and he just laughed.

Now onto the list, ranked in nearly specific order:

1. I swim in shimmering, clear Caribbean waters nearly every day

2. There is no COVID here

3. Penny and Cal can go to school and, knock on wood, not worry about it changing to virtual learning

4. Walking everywhere and getting outdoor physical activity, every day

5. Meeting new friends from all over the world

6. Hanging out with these friends, outdoors or inside, and feeling comfortable with it

7. Nearly everyone I’ve encountered has been helpful, patient, and kind to me

8. That Bajan breeze

9. Lopez cooks dinner nearly every night, because I don’t know how to cook fish (well)

10. Watching the dog play in the ocean, and subsequently get swept away by waves, confused, then repeat

11. Walking the babies to school and picking them up each day from their colorful, outdoor, neighborhood school

12. Watching my kids immerse themselves in a new culture and push through long days they’re not accustomed to

13. Sitting on my back porch doing Happy Hour with my parents

14. Being outside anytime, day or night, in sandals

15. The price of cheese! (It’s the same as at home, and cheese is obviously my favorite food)

16. Delicious, plentiful beer (and very inexpensive, both store-bought and in restaurants/bars)

17. Walking to Dover Beach after work, then watching the sunset over the water

18. Seeing lizards and baby chickens every day

19. Eating at restaurants

20. Eating at restaurants overlooking the Caribbean Sea

21. Sunsets over the water

22. Everyone here was rooting for the same election results as me (both locals and Expats; all the locals I encountered in the days waiting for results asked if we voted and congratulated us for our subsequent win)

23. The locals are extremely friendly

24. Living in a town where I can easily walk places or take public transportation

25. Fresh fish!

26. Fast internet service that allows us to work efficiently

27. Cheapside produce market where Lopez buys our fruits and veggies for the week

28. Waking up early to roosters crowing

29. The whistling frogs that are now my white noise

30. The pace of life

31. Going to bed earlier because we’re too hot not to

32. Finally catching up on The Walking Dead

33. Wildlife that includes monkeys, baby turtles, lizards and snails

34. Brownes Beach, where you see turtles and fish and stingrays around you just by swimming out a bit

35. My neighborhood, where I feel totally safe walking around, and see bright colored flowers and an abundance of fruit trees

36. NO house projects!