• Liz Lopez

Back to School / My Babies aren't Babies!

September 3, 2021

My babies started school this week and while I’ve told myself I'm fine, I’m a liar and mess on the inside! MY BABIES ARE GOING INTO 1ST GRADE AND KINDERGARTEN and this is f*&king unacceptable!

Last year it didn’t feel so emotional - the punch wasn’t there. We’d just moved to Barbados, we were in the middle of a pandemic with no end in sight, and I was just happy to get them out of the house while I worked.

But this year is torture! Two days ago they were just my babies, just down the road in preschool, and never far in Barbados. Just one five week blip in Barbados where they attended school, but otherwise, they've been home with us! Was it roses? Obviously not; but they were here. And now, I'm reading about how Callen, my baby boy, will have homework every night! I no longer have little babies, and instead I have kids who need folders checked and who are expected to do all the big kid things on their own!

We missed all their back-to-school activities because of vacation in Michigan. As of three weeks ago, we thought the kids were going to our neighborhood school where the older kids attended. But at the last minute, we heard from the Dual Language school; a spot had opened for Penny, so there was now room for both kiddos. Everything was last minute; we did a personal tour with the principal the day we headed out of town for Keegan and Alexa's wedding, and I completed the new school's paperwork - and online supply order - from vacation in Michigan. Penny was devastated she wouldn't be riding the bus, but she's mostly over it now and excited to learn Spanish!

September 8, 2021

I've finally wrapped my head around the fact that my babies aren't babies anymore. Even though I want to cuddle and kiss them all the time (yeah, I don't care if I'm creepy), I know it's their time to fly.

Yesterday Penny had a substitute teacher, and told us how she was left on the playground without her class at recess. She found another first grade teacher to help and we explained how great it was that she was able to figure it out and get back inside. Then she said she cried the whole time this was happening, alone on the playground... but that's not the point!

I hugged them and told them that they're not really babies anymore and that since they're in big kid school, they'll have times where grown ups aren't there and they need to think it through on their own. It's terrifying, but the time has come.

My babies are kids now, and that comes with a whole new set of awesome things to embrace. I get to watch them learn cool stuff, make friends, discover new interests - and speak Spanish! Good luck babies!

Cal's best friend? Fernando! Their mutual love of the monkey bars sealed the deal.

Kid rolls his R's better than any adult I know.