Moving to Barbados 

Welcome to my life! Thank you for visiting! You may call me Liz, Lizzy, Jones, Jonesie, Mother of Dragons or simply Lopez. 

I have five kids, a husband, a dog, a house and a very tight knit group of extended family with whom I see more than regularly. 

My husband and I try to grab the the low hanging fruit when possible. Despite the deliberation that would come in uprooting your family anytime, let alone during our first pandemic, escaping America during the first COVID winter seemed like grabbing the easy fruit. 

Our family decided to abandon our home for 9 months to enjoy a nearly COVID free winter in tropical paradise. My job as a Sr. Business Analyst has always been remote, and COVID turned my husband’s job as an IT Consultant remote as well. My older daughter signed up for virtual learning instead of in school because of no real COVID protocols put in place by the school, and my older son is trying online as well, because traditional school doesn’t work for him. My youngest daughter should have started Kindergarten in September, but her Spanish Immersion school started the year virtual and we weren’t prepared to work and teach all year long.

Our family has survived a lot over the last decade of togetherness. There have been amazing events, like adding our babies to our original family of five (even though they're four and five now, wahh), and there have been events that challenged us and tore us apart before making us closer again. The thought of a COVID winter made us unanimously decide to bite the bullet and say let’s do it. The timing seemed right; we wouldn’t be able to be with our extended family like we had been all summer, once outdoor gatherings weren’t possible because of Wisconsin temperatures. I would never voluntarily miss the holidays with our family, but these were trying times during a pandemic and nothing is business as usual.

Pandemic or not, my favorite place to be is outside. You can find me walking the dog with earbuds in, listening to an audiobook or the latest current events podcast, or playing sports outside with my 4 year old or finding new bugs and flowers to examine with my 5 year old. A bit of a neat-freak, I don’t hate cleaning and doing yard work. That could be because I get to listen to my book and enjoy the quiet time, or because I really like a clean house and a nice yard, but most likely just both. :) 

Follow my families’ journey here in Barbados as we navigate a new culture, new foods, new scenery and a (temporary) new life. We’re excited to share our adventure with you <3

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Let's make the best of this pandemic and experience something new, shall we?


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